“General Slowdown in the Hiring Demand for Attorneys”

Uh, oh…. Not good news reported by LawCrossing:

"LawCrossing, the website with the largest collection of legal jobs in the world, released its monthly statistical report on changes in the demand for attorneys and legal staff across the U.S. The newly released figures, which reflect changes in the number of created jobs from February 15, 2006, to March 15, 2006, point to a significant slowdown in the legal hiring market. Overall data suggests that with the exception of the Western region of the country, the demand for attorneys at law firms, in-house legal departments, and government organizations has either decreased or exhibited minimal signs of growth. The demand for legal staff has also been tempered, with only few areas continuing a healthy expansion.


"Hiring demand for legal staff continued the last month’s trend of mixed results. While the largest specializations, paralegals and legal secretaries, showed minimal change, the demand for human resource, IT, and marketing professionals continues to be very strong. Legal organizations maintain a need for these legal staff professionals, with practically no signs pointing to a slowdown anytime in the near future."