Getting paralegal job despite no legal experience

Here are 4 suggestions for how new paralegal grads can land their first professional job:

"For many students, graduating from college with a degree in paralegal studies is a moment filled with starry eyes and great hopes for a new and improved career choice. Then they begin to look for a job.

"’I’m sorry, but we really need someone who has had some experience in this area.’ Rejection, for many students, has become a common and incredibly discouraging occurrence.

"In this day and age the need for higher education in the work force is a must. So for many students the decision to go back to school was not tough, but the time and sacrifice it takes is, and all of it only to find that employment seems to be just out of reach in their new career field.

"However, there is valid reasoning behind that. It makes sense that potential employers would want to have someone who knows the ropes and needs little-to-no guidance once hired on. What could a new graduate with no prior law office experience possibly have to offer a potential employer? Here are a few potential offerings a new graduate could provide you with.

Read further for how to highlight what new grads can offer — Enthusiasm, A clean slate, Up to date with the latest info, & Life experience.

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  1. “What could a new graduate with no prior law office experience possibly have to offer a potential employer?” I have to agree even though it is frustrating. I know that as I enter law school that now as it will be later the experienced must be appreciated over the non-experienced. It’s not about prestige, but rather knowing when and how to fight for what’s right. Corruption plagues the Criminal Justice system to date. As each new graduate is charged with fixing the Criminal Justice system. A graduate who’s simply “soft” can be molded into any shape and is subject to corruption. It’s important for new graduates to be self-starters first before landing a position at a firm. By doing so the graduate learns what’s worth fighting for, what’s not, learns business law in the meantime, and gains new partnerships rather than just being an employee.

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