“Getting to the bottom of comfort”

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EDMONTON – "There are no "ifs" or "ands" about it. When talking office chairs, it is all about the butts.

"We may work in the age of BlackBerries and laptops, but the good old chair is still the most important tool for those who toil at their desks.

"’It is the base of support," ergonomics consultant Sharon Taylor says. "If you were standing all day, your shoes would be No. 1. But you’re seated all day, so your chair is your No. 1.’"


"We asked testers to sit in each chair for three days. After every trial, they filled out an evaluation ranking each one on its adjustability, initial comfort, long-term comfort and look, as well as offering comments about their likes and dislikes.

"Our volunteers were Lisa Holmes, a law office receptionist at Duncan & Craig LLP; Brad Schultz, the Alberta Recycling Management Authority’s director of tire recycling; Bette Roehr, a litigation paralegal from Chatwin Cox Michalyshyn LLP; and Peter Schwann, a commercial real estate agent with Avison Young.

"We also asked Taylor of ErgoSum Consulting to offer her opinion on each product.

"We learned that the perfect office chair really is in the eye, and backside, of the sitter."

Enjoy reading the chair ratings!