Hamdan Case & Perkins Coie Paralegals

Nice to work on a big Supreme Court case!

"Perkins Coie attorneys were part of a defense team that received a favorable ruling in a landmark case that challenged the scope of presidential authority. In a historic decision, the Supreme Court ruled (5-3) that military tribunals established by the Executive Office to try enemy combatants and detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are not authorized by Congress and violate both domestic and international laws, including the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions.

"The case, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, challenged the military commission process on behalf of Salim Hamdan, who has been detained since November 2001….


"[The firm’s] lawyers, paralegals and staff have spent thousands of pro bono hours on the case since it was first filed in April 2004.

“’Perkins Coie undertook this case because the legal issues it presents are important and profound, and they go right to the very foundation of our constitutional system of justice and the rule of law,’ explained Harry Schneider, a senior partner on the pro bono team."

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