He’s Still Stupid, According to Obama

J0384726 We all get those annoying e-mails.  You know, the ones that purport to know our name, recognize that we're "friends" with the sender when in fact, we haven't a clue who they are.  Well, Ken Magill is proud to report that he is the first private citizen to have been officially called stupid in an e-mail from America's first African-American president.  Heck, he may be the first private citizen to have been officially called stupid in an e-mail from an American president ever!

Magill, who writes for a magazine called "Direct", says in a recent article that his history-making moment came when Barack Obama sent his first message as president of the United States to his 13 million name e-mail list urging recipients to "spread the word" and build support for his economic plan.

    "Stupid," Magill's began. "The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come."

    Why did Obama call him Stupid?

    Well, last February – holy, moly, it's been a year…..Magill registered his e-mail address with the name Stupid Poopyhead on Obama's campaign Web site to test a reported flaw that allowed people to enter any e-mail address and sign up any name, even a ridiculous one.

    "How many people can claim that such a major political figure calls them Stupid on a regular basis?  None, I bet."

    It worked.  As a result, Obama addressed Magill in e-mails as Stupid throughout his campaign. Using the last name "Poopyhead" apparently was considered too much of a formality.

    Moreover, when Obama selected Biden, Magill began receiving e-mails also addressed to Stupid.  They were all one big, happy, campaign-trail family. But after Obama was sworn in, his campaign manager, David Plouffee – who had called Magill Stupid in the past- sent a message addressing him as "Friend." Magill was crushed.

    Now his campaign manager was addressing Magill as the political equivalent of "occupant."  Was Obama trying to distance himself from Magill?  Could the relationship be cooling off a little? Was he lowering his expections? Or now that the campaign was over, had his tone necessarily become more formal? He is in the Oval Office, after all.

    But when Magill read Obama's first presidential e-mail to him, his heart soared.  "YAY!  He was still Stupid!" "And not only that, he just made U.S. – no, wait – world…yes, world history!"

    Magill writes that he is honored that President Obama will be calling him Stupid for the next four, possibly 8 years.

    And he is considering printing that e-mail out and framing it.  Hey, you only get to be the first private citizen to be called Stupid in an e-mail by the first African-American U.S. president once, you know.

    Imagine if you were the paralegal assigned to gather the e-mails and assign search terms if this ever were to happen. We thought you should read about it here first.