High Job Satisfaction BUT Room for Improvement

An article recently posted on the LawCrossing site reports good news about paralegal job satisfaction, even though those surveyed also said there was room to improve:

"In recent months, national and regional survey results have shown paralegals to have uncommonly high levels of satisfaction with their careers.

"Although almost every paralegal can cite areas where improvement is needed, most say they are at least satisfied with most aspects of their jobs."


"In a regional study of Southern California paralegals, the Orange County Paralegal Association found that 64 percent of respondents reported that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs. The areas where paralegals expressed the greatest percentages of dissatisfaction were client contact (20 percent), work-related stress (17 percent), and cooperative support staff (14 percent).

"In terms of support staff, 35 percent reported having no administrative support; 62 percent had to share assistants with others."

What has been your experience? Very satisfied? Not so much?

Think whatever needs improvement with your job will be changed?