Holy, Moly! We’ve Been Snoped!

J0178805  Well, it turns out that our story yesterday about technology robbing you blind through your GPS and cell phone is only partially true!  Thanks to Phill Signey and a couple of other fact-finding, industrious, on-the-ball paralegals, it turns out that the story is only partly true.  Now, while the expert who sent this to us does work with the police department, Snopes claims that the story is only partly true.  There may be real incidents of thieves using stolen GPS' and cell phones to trick you into giving up your PIN number or finding your house and robbing you when you are not there.  However, apparently, this story has been circulating since December, 2008.  Since it was sent to us by an expert in the field, we had no reason to doubt it. Geez, just when you think there is a Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will be here in the morning.