“How Smart People Win at Office Politics”

The original title of this article was "How Smart Women Win at Office Politics," but I figured this advice applies to everyone:

"Do you enjoy dealing with office politics?

"Becoming politically savvy is not always viewed as a wholesome, worthy goal. The mere mention of the word "politics" triggers negative connotations.

"In her article titled Seven Career Killers, author Erin Burt warns ‘avoiding politics altogether can be deadly for your career. Every workplace has an intricate system of power, and you can — and should — work it ethically to your best advantage.’ By becoming politically adept you can learn to:

  • Rise above power plays and interpersonal conflicts
  • Build a reputation as a go-to person, expert, or leader
  • Gain access to resources, information and opportunities
  • Influence outcomes and get buy-in for ideas and initiatives."

Read article, read the book — office politics can help your career!