I’m Not a Dinosaur. I’m Just Big for My Age.

DinosaurDoes anyone over 50 feel like a dinosaur? We didn't grow up with computers. We did invent them, that's true. I'm hearing more and more about technology moving so fast that by the time you learn one thing, it's old, gone and done with.

So, 60 years of age is the new 40. Does that mean 20 years were lost or is it 20 years hasn't happened yet. What are you doing besides exercise, eating healthy and Botox to erase those years? And why, if 60 is 40, do you look like your grandma?

Let's take this social media thing. You're definitely a dinosaur if you're not social mediaing it. So, I'm twittering, I'm linking, I'm facing, I'm blogging, I am pinning (although with what, god only knows) but I'm no closer to anyone than before. Where are my friends?

I have almost 7,000 followers on LinkedIn. That doesn't count some of the groups I own where there's 9,400; 8,700, 2,000, 1500 and I don't know what else. I send eBooks, I retweet, I'm friends with people I'll never meet. In fact, I've never met any of them.

Let's see. Straighten me out here. You set up LinkedIn to do business. It's the career/business network. You're supposed to look professional and get business or job offers. But it's not polite to talk about your business, you can't advertise and you sure as heck can't solicit anyone. You are a dinosaur if you don't have your profile on it with your airbrushed, digitized, photo shopped, natural picture.

So you peek in to see how many people viewed your profile today. But you're not supposed to ask them what they thought or could you help them find something. Then there's the posting. You can post about an article that you haven't written (I write a lot) because to mention an article about yourself is tacky. Absolutely, positively no self-promotion allowed. You get written up nationally but it's egotistical to talk about it. You have to wait for one of your friends to talk about it for you and I just told you about the nebulous 7,000.

For the posting portion of the program, you're just supposed to think of witty things 24/7 or deliver a post of an article you don't care about so people notice you. I'm getting noticed, all right. I just can't reach out to them.

Same with Facing it. I think people are reeeallly stretching it here with stuff to write about. I feel sorry for some of these little kids whose parents post their pictures every single day. Problem is, I am not going to expose my family (I've been cyberstalked viciously by a paralegal down in Atlanta who is obsessed with me) so I'm not going to go through that again. Honestly. I don't know what to talk about on Facebook. I never learned that small talk stuff.

There's only so many times you can talk about the 105 degree heat, my weight loss of 115 lbs or comment on someone's cute puppy. I refuse to talk about driving to work and the delay I had getting my Starbucks. Does that make me less approachable? Or does it make me more like a real human being. And, just what is it that I'm supposed to do with 7,000 LI followers? Particularly under the politically correct guidelines and no-no's. For that matter, how do you know when anyone reads anything you posted on LinkedIn?  

It's the great unknown. Are there readers out there? If so, give us a holler….Hello! <wave wave> we're over here! Am I the kid who noticed the Emperor wasn't wearing any clothes? Does this make me a dinosaur or does it make me realistic? Dinosaurs are somehow hard to miss. And no one wants to tell you that you're just totally inept.

If you've read this post, help me out here. Signal to me. Post to my blog. Send me an IN email. Write here, put something in the LI groups I own and cultivated: KNOW, OLP, Legal Vendors, Paralegal Mgrs, Vitual Paralegal, Paralegal Group, eDiscovery Paralegal. I may have left one or two out.

Being a dinosaur doesn't have to be that bad. Really, it doesn't. It kind of has a cache all its own. No one wants to be labeled a dinosaur. I don't care how many Godzilla movies are made. All dinosaurs want is just a little acknowledgement that they're still here, still pokin' along and still kickin'. I am still kickin, aren't I?

4 Replies to “I’m Not a Dinosaur. I’m Just Big for My Age.”

  1. Indeed! I think we are all just too busy these days. We read thru things and don’t think to like or respond!

  2. Chere,

    If you are a Dinosaur, then I guess that makes me one as well. Although I will admit that my photo is NOT airbrushed or photoshopped. That’s the real me and, if it gives somebody indigestion, well, so be it. That’s their problem.

    I do read your writing, my dear, but I sometimes refrain from responding because I think I respond A. over much, B. my responses, for whatever reason, squelch that of others, and C. could be seen as “she needs something else to do instead of being on internet boards.” So I put myself on “stifle”. It’s not you, my dear, it’s me.

    So let me go back and see if I can read something and express a contrary opinion or two. Just for the fun of it….

  3. Ellen:
    I absolutely love your comments. Perhaps you need a teeny, tiny boost to your self-confidence! In my humble opinion (oh, isn’t that IMHO?), paralegals, particularly those with fresh, innovative thoughts such as yourself, should not be shy about posting or writing. Here’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself known in the community. Your thoughts are important to other paralegals. They can agree, they can disagree or they can learn. Whatever the response, times have changed and it is important to your career to ride the horse in the direction it is going. In this case, participation in social media will help boost your career!

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