“I’ve decided to take PACE – now what do I do?”

Wow, excellent post on the IPA blog where you’ll find lots of helpful guidance from the Indiana Paralegal Association:

"The PACE Study Manual is a necessity as it sets out a blueprint that has been followed for PACE with the five domains weighted as follows:

"Administration of Client Matters 23%
Development of Client Legal Matters 30%
Factual and Legal Research 22%
Factual and Legal Writing 20.5%
Office Administration 4.5%

"Interspersed throughout these five ‘domains’ are questions that also cover ethics and technology. The PACE Study Manual also contains a bibliography of materials used in preparing the manual. Some of the test questions on PACE may be found in the resources set out in the bibliography and not specifically set out in the Study Manual. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with those resources."

Read the full post to find much more advice & info about the “IPA Cares – PACE Candidate Survival Kit”!