Join us for a dynamic free webinar! 5 Steps to Avoid Age Discrimination – How to get employers to avoid your age and focus on your talents and abilities. August 14th @10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm EST. Don't miss this all important webinar!

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"Awesome webinar!!!!! Thank you for the nuggets. I needed this because definitely not getting the wealth of powerful info from any other organization." Sheila Brown

"I really enjoyed your webinar today. I found it to be insightful and extremely helpful. It even helped me figure out what I should be working on next while this pandemic winds down." Elizabeth Peterson

"Once again Chere Estrin has proven why she is a true expert and professional when it comes to understanding the business behind job seeking and recruiting. This webinar is packed full of great ideas and instruction on using LinkedIn to accomplish your goal of being noticed and taken seriously. As I listened to Chere's advice and teaching her passion for helping all attendees was self evident. I can easily see why she remains a sought after resource at the top of her profession." Bob Sweat, eDiscovery Consultant