Law firm runs clothing drives for needy women

Good news about a Seattle firm & its managing partner:

"When Russell M. Aoki took a break from college and worked on the maintenance crew of a golf course, he discovered his calling.

"Seniors who he met while on the job ‘took me aside and encouraged me to go back to school and consider going to law school,’ said Aoki, who was recently installed as one of the board of governors for the Washington State Bar Association.


"Aoki is a trial attorney who specializes in criminal defense and business litigation. One of his most prominent cases involved representing a business that was attempting to recover assets from a bookkeeper who allegedly embezzled $5 million. This was considered the largest embezzlement case in Washington state at the time. Aoki and his client were successful, and the defendant was found guilty of embezzlement. Businesses throughout the country have hired Aoki when they are defendants in Internet advertising violation cases.

"A former president of the Asian Bar Association of Washington, Aoki is a director on the board of the America Civil Liberties Union, and a trustee on the King County Bar Association. Aoki has worked as a judge pro tem, mediator and arbitrator besides being a lecturer with the Washington Criminal Justice Institute and has taught people about the Bill of Rights for the Heritage Institute.

"His law firm has been involved for more than a decade in clothing drives which help collect clothing donations for women who need proper attire for job interviews and work. Aoki said the idea came from one of his paralegals and started small but now amasses significant amounts of donated clothing."

We always say paralegals have the best ideas!