Law school & paralegal program lose accreditation

Not good news at all:

"The University of West Los Angeles School of Law lost a key accreditation, which will take away students’ eligibility for federal financial aid.


"The termination is effective June 30 to allow current students to complete the spring term.

"We will be working with UWLA to arrange for a review of each student’s case and to work out the best possible arrangement for the students," said WASC executive director Ralph Wolff.

"UWLA President Robert W. Brown could not be reached for comment Friday. Contacted earlier this week, Brown declined to comment on the WASC decision before it was made public.

"Wolff said the law school could again appeal WASC’s decision, but UWLA has indicated to WASC that it will not. The accreditation termination also includes UWLA’s paralegal program."

Note, repeated attempts to connect to UWLA website pages failed…

2 Replies to “Law school & paralegal program lose accreditation”

  1. President Brown ruined the school and packed the board of trustees with his cronies in my opinion. he drove a Mercedez purportedly paid by the school and had a salary of over $170,000.00, while the school went down the tubes.

  2. School is charging students lots of money and hires unqualify teachers with no experience with low pay. A receptionist by the name Toni Smith has became Associated Dean.Let’s name the school Mickey Mouse School, not Law School.

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