“Lawyer Quits Job Over Résumé Flap”

A BIG no-no! Read all the details from Legal Times:

"There are plenty of ways for young lawyers to get their foot in the door at a blue-chip firm: Have a connection to a partner, clerk for a federal judge, play a role in a high-profile case. Then there are the more creative approaches.

"Gregory Hawn, an associate at the Washington, D.C., office of Bracewell & Giuliani, is accused of falsifying his résumé and altering his law school transcript in an effort to get a job at Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, according to the D.C. Bar Counsel, which has filed a series of ethical charges against Hawn."

Good that B&G includes this statement on its Recruiting page:

"We seek those who have judgment, a capacity for compassion, personal integrity, a willingness to commit, an honest humility and, importantly, a sense of humor.  We want lawyers who are comfortable with all aspects of teamwork and can be called on in equal measure to lead a team or to support the leadership of others."

One Reply to ““Lawyer Quits Job Over Résumé Flap””

  1. It is unfortunate that this happened. I have worked with Greg for over 3 year and he has always been the utmost in terms of integrity. He was under signicant pressure at the time it happened and I believe he made the worst decision possible giving into the stress. I know that after these events occured he did everything possible to recity the situation, reported himself to the bar and engaged in continuing education classes. It is unfortunate that the article did not mention this. But what do you expect they are trying to sell copy – why would they report anything good?

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