Legal Profession Web 2.0 ‘Treasures’

These legal-focused Web 2.0 apps — described by Law Technology Newslook very helpful (& fun!):

"What started out as a two-part tour of Web 2.0 products and services of interest to the legal profession has easily turned into three parts. In fact, our journey could easily continue for several more columns, given the abundance and assortment of useful Web 2.0 sites. Fear not, though, the itinerary stops here.

"As noted in part one ["New Desktop Frontiers"], the Web 2.0 name refers to a broad range of Web-based tools that focus on functionality and often bear a close resemblance to desktop applications. In part one, we reviewed common office tools, including word processors, spreadsheets and calendars. Part two ["Cool Advanced Tools"] looked at more advanced tools for file sharing, bookmarking, project management, graphing and more. This time, we look at virtual meeting sites, online databases, presentation tools and more."

By Robert Ambrogi, a Massachusetts lawyer, media consultant, & member of the Legal Technology Editorial Advisory Board.