“Managing Partner’s Indictment Raises Guilt-by-Association Questions for Law Firm”

More bad news, also potentially bad for other people associated with the firm:

"Last month, 110-lawyer Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro saw its managing partner, Terry Christensen, indicted on conspiracy and wiretap charges.

"Christensen has pleaded not guilty. But the firm is in for a rough patch. And recruiters across Los Angeles say the charges hanging over him and his firm are probably already affecting the L.A.-based entertainment boutique’s ability to attract and retain lawyers. At the same time, recruiters say, the indictment makes it harder for any worried lawyers there to lateral to a different firm.

"’I think people recognize that law firms are rather fragile entities, and when your lead name partner might have a legal matter to contend with, I think people inside and outside are going to look elsewhere,’" said Larry Watanabe, a Southern California-based recruiter. "’If you have this happen to a major rainmaker at a big firm, it’s unsettling, but when you have a name, founding partner of a boutique firm, a lot of people are going to be concerned and watching.’

"Christensen partner Patricia Glaser disputes the recruiters’ claims, emphasizing the strength and loyalty of the firm’s associates and partners as well as its clients."