“Mashups to Re-Map the Legal Tech Market?”

We love mashups, don’t you? Just not sure how they’ll work in the legal world:

"Take one of the industry’s oldest matter management software packages, combine it with cutting-edge, Internet-based mapping technology, and what do you get? The first commercial legal-tech mashup.

"Synaptec Software, the 25-year-old, Denver-based maker of the venerable LawBase software suite, has integrated the 10.5.5 version of its flagship product with Google Maps. That integration brings an emblematic Web 2.0 buzzword to a market that has yet to feel much of an impact from the new Web-as-a-development-platform IT paradigm. (Emphasis on ‘yet.’)

"’We do think this is the first one,’ says Phil Homberger, the company’s founder and president. ‘But it sure won’t be the last. Once people start figuring this thing out, it’s going to grow exponentially.’

"Mashups are Web application hybrids, seamless combinations of content and services from unrelated, even competing, Web sites, brought together to create a new service. The term comes from the world of popular music, where ‘bastard pop’ artists mix and match digital song samples to create new songs."