“Million-Dollar Diction”

Yeah, this article [for chief information officers] is not targeted to the legal world! But it contains good advice for everyone whose work revolves around words [PDF]:

"Studies show you can’t get ahead in business without a strong vocabulary. Here are some quick tips for learning new words and using them effectively.

"When people want help solving the Sunday crossword puzzle or crafting a sophisticated presentation, they don’t rush over to the IT department. The average information technology worker is so seldom asked for 10-dollar SAT words that he probably doesn’t bother to keep that part of his mental warehouse particularly well stocked.

"That could be a problem. Even in IT, you need to cultivate an advanced, nuanced vocabulary if you want to get ahead. Why? First of all, your higher-ups think you should. The Johnson O’Connor Foundation, which researches people’s aptitudes and abilities, asked company presidents and managers if they thought vocabulary building was useful for advancement in the business world and important in executive work. More than 97 percent of the respondents said yes to both questions. Another study, published in 1990, suggests the better one’s vocabulary, the higher the level of job one can attain."