OLP Launches the First Litigation Support Certification Exam: First of its kind will set industry standards

Logo.CLSP.gold.initials.largeLOS ANGELES – The Organization of Legal Professionals, an industry group that includes some of the most respected legal technology thought leaders in the field, announced today that it has finalized preparations for its Litigation Support Certification Exam.  The exam, developed in conjunction with Pearson Learning Solutions, a $7 billion company that specializes in certification examinations for a wide variety of industries, incorporates content created by OLP members including eDiscovery and legal technology lawyers, consultants and experts. OLP is the first organization to offer a Litigation Support Certification Exam.


     OLP’s two-hour certification exam covers five primary areas in Litigation Support. Professionals wishing to sit for the exam may apply by going to the website and downloading the Candidate Handbook at www.theolp.org.  

     Over 32 high-profile attorneys, law professors, litigation support managers, consultants, and Ph.D.s have contributed to the development of the content of OLP's Certification Exam.  The process took over 18 months of development.

     OLP’s goal in developing and administering a Litigation Support Certification Examination is to establish a standard that can be immediately recognized as a symbol of excellence and signify that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today's complex legal technology.  The CLSP or Certified Litigation Support Professional designation will be awarded after the candidate passes a rigorous test, has their backgrounds and work experience checked and submits an extensive application.

     The CLSP is also available through the Paralegal Knowledge Institute, an excellent continuing legal education organization created specifically for experienced paralegals (www.paralegalknowledge.com).

About The Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP)

     The OLP drives education and best practices and provides certification for those involved in complex litigation support. Through its programs, the OLP ensures the requisite level of competency in complicated disciplines — including trial support, eDiscovery and legal technology — is met. It is the only organization whose members represent all sectors of the legal profession:  attorneys, paralegals, technical support staff, litigation support professionals, consultants, legal service providers, software developers and the judiciary.

For more information: www.theolp.org, www.paralegalknowledge.com.

     Here's a terrific way to push your career forward and get the recognition you deserve for your expertise. Litigation Support Managers can make salaries of $150,000 or more. This is an exciting and forward-thinking action you can take to move up an otherwise limited climb up the paralegal career ladder.

Sign-up for the Certification Exam today!  Become a charter member of certified CLSP®’s!  www.theolp.org