On the job: Certified case manager, geriatric care manager, & paralegal

Don’t think I’ve ever known a paralegal who wears such different career ‘hats’!

Jeanne Tolomeo: Certified case manager; geriatric care manager; paralegal; Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple

What do you do?
“’I am a caretaker. That’s my case manager part. I work with (the law firm’s elderly) clients and make sure they have the best care possible, whether it is in their home, assisted living or a nursing home. I make sure that they are happy with all their care — with their care, their food, physical therapy. I make sure everybody works as a team with them. I am also an advocate, so I advocate for their rights, especially their state and federal benefits.


You are a paralegal and geriatric care manager. How does that shape the way you approach client problems?
“’We are always taught to remember who the client is, then I need to listen carefully to what they are saying, then I have to determine which agency to call for their benefits. I would not know that if I didn’t work in a law firm. I also know that to do certain things, you have to have a power of attorney, a health care proxy, permission to share letters. So working for a law firm, I can be much more organized and provide depth to the client. Even reading nursing home or assisted living contracts, I can read those and know what they say, and can always rewrite them — which I have done.’”