Paralegal wins award for helping migrants

Congratulations to Danny Mills for all his hard work serving the public!

"[Danny] Mills, an outreach worker for Pine Tree Legal Assistance since 1999, was drawn to the job not because he was a champion for justice. He just wanted an opportunity to speak the language of his maternal grandparents more often.

"’I like things to be fair,’" Mills, 48, said recently when asked what he found rewarding about the job. "’When a person does work, they should get paid what they were promised and they should get the treatment they were promised.’"

"Mills, a paralegal, last year put 10,750 miles on his car, handed out more than 2,100 pieces of literature and met with about 1,500 people seeking advice on labor issues. His work with farmworkers and American Indians has earned him the John W. Ballou Distinguished Service Award from the Maine State Bar Association."