Project Management for Law Firms

A white paper + survey [PDF] from ITLA smartly discusses the use of project management by law firms, something I think should involve paralegals

"Project management is so much more than what is visible at first glance.  Typically, we just see the team, tools and pieces to complete the project. What we don’t see is the planning, tool selection, communication, mentoring or even the ‘speed bumps’ that got the project this far.

"Our authors offer their expertise with tips, techniques and wisdom ranging from effectively communicating with the PM team and stakeholders, to balancing processes and technology in a project portfolio management implementation. Our gratitude goes to them."

Doesn’t this description (from the PDF) sound like a paralegal to you? 

"All projects start with an idea or a problem that needs to be solved. It’s an art to turn an idea into reality or resolve that problem on time, within budget and using available resources. That art is project management, and the project manager is its curator."