“Promoting Pro Bono”

This use of attorney time is good:

"Just admitted to the Ohio Bar last summer, Chad Sizemore, an attorney with Jenks, Piper & Oxley Co. LPA, began looking for opportunities to volunteer his time. He soon came across the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project, an organization that helps connect lawyers interested in volunteering their services with those who need — but can’t afford — legal help.


"Sizemore is one of many attorneys who’ve embraced pro bono work. But it’s difficult to provide help for everyone because the demand for free legal services continues to climb, say local experts.


"More cases get done when the organization gets creative with its work. It designed a program that gives paralegals the grunt work for simple divorce cases, allowing the lawyers to knock out ten cases at a time."

Giving paralegals only grunt work isn’t!