“Ten Must-Have Web Sites for Solo Practitioners”

Yeah, that "must have" (must bookmark, must login?), description is odd, but the list of 10 sites in this article does look helpful:

"Picking the best of anything is difficult. However, I decided to take a stab this month at the Web sites I use most frequently during a typical day of practicing law. I’m not including the obvious ones: legal research and general search sites. I’m aiming to point to sites that create a new source of information on the Web, and that leverage the interactive Web 2.0 space.

"Here goes:

  1. GoToMyPC is a remote-access Web application that permits me to access my office host machine anytime I like. It allows me to run updates, check my calendar and contact changes created by my secretary, and, in general, prevents running to the office to maintain the server, or to practice law. It’s the solo lawyer’s best friend, runs flawlessly and costs only about $20 a month per machine."

Author Rick Georges is a Florida solo attorney and author of Law.com’s Future Lawyer blog.

One Reply to ““Ten Must-Have Web Sites for Solo Practitioners””

  1. This was a very informative and helpful article, with one glaring exception: the inclusion of Wikipedia as a “must have” site. Wikipedia is a notoriously unreliable source, due to either articles having been written by someone who doesn’t know nearly as much about a given subject as they are pleased to think they do, or because someone simply decided to have a little fun by sabotaging articles on the site. It was especially surprising to find it listed here since Wikipedia has been all over the news lately due to the difficulty they have in keeping their information accurate. Having been a history major in college, I am continuously surprised to see the number of errors I find in articles relating to histroical matters I read there. So here’s a tip: Never use Wikipedia as your sole source of information. If you must use it at all, always verify any info you glean from it with data from another source.

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