The eDiscovery Salary Survey – Why You Should Take It!

Man & woman at laptopThe Organization of Legal Professionals is conducting an important eDiscovery Salary Survey that will show you where you are in relationship to others on salary issues.  If you are a paralegal and in any way, deal with eDiscovery, you need to take 3 minutes to do this survey.

Why?  Because the survey can help get you a better salary; information that has never been made public before; match your job duties to a real title; and tell you whether you are getting market rate, are underpaid or you are at top dollar.

We need you to participate!  The survey is completely anonymous.  The best part, is that you get instant results after taking the survey.  You can immediately bring it back to your firm and rally for that raise!  No firm wants to be underpaying paralegals.  If they are and word gets out, they may face costly turnover.

Do yourself a favor.  Take the OLP eDiscovery Salary Survey sponsored by Nuix now.  You'll be glad you did!