“The CRANKY Shopper’s Holiday Gift Guide”

Yeah, I still have gift giving on the brain. And all this shopping is making me cranky!

"Nothing puts the bug into ‘bah, humbug!’ more than an impossible shopping challenge. He has everything. She doesn’t like anything. They want nothing … except to fill you with the searing, white-hot frustration of a thousand yule logs. Tired of these hateful want-nothings taking the Michelle Kwan out of your Kwanzaa? Sick of stubbing your mistletoe chasing after these dreidel-dodgers? Check out our profiles of the toughest people to buy for and use our online gift suggestions, chosen to fit every budget. Or give a more personal gift, with your own private coupon… And do it all as you sit blessedly alone sipping an eggnog, warmed by the toasty glow of your computer and far from the maddening crowds. How’s that for comfort and joy?"

  • The Geek
  • The Do-Gooder
  • The Ebert
  • The Spoiled Brat
  • The T-Square
  • The Bookworm
  • The Forked Tongue
  • The Nympho
  • The Holy Roller
  • BTW, my favorite gift category is T-square….oh, no, you shouldn’t have!