“The Dress Shops”

Should I be pleased that The New York Times mentioned paralegals in a fashion article or peeved because of how it’s worded?

"COLLETTE LOVULLO had some qualms about decorating Coco & Delilah, her year-old boutique on St. Marks Place near Avenue A. ‘I was trepidatious about the chandelier,’ she said, eyeing the multi-tentacled fixture dangling from the ceiling. ‘I worried that people would think that it was maybe too much.’


"’Overall there is a retail boom in the area,’ said Jonathan Krieger, a commercial real estate agent. Young adults and families are moving in, foot traffic has picked up and new merchants are vying for store space, Mr. Krieger said.


"Meg and Cornflower, also on East Ninth, are among the handful of shops offering original or one-of-a kind designs by their owners. But rarely do these boutiques venture near the cutting edge. Like most East Village merchants, they tend to stick with the same current, and sometimes interchangeable, fare that appeals to stroller-pushing moms, would-be rockers and blazer-clad paralegals all over town."

Really, "blazer-clad"!?!