“‘The Eight E’s’: Ascending the Computer Forensics Ladder”

Sounds like this could be a good career path for tech-minded paralegals:

"Though computer forensics is a young discipline, it’s not the exclusive province of new graduates of computer forensics degree programs. It’s a natural career extension for IT and law enforcement professionals and peripatetic lawyers [& paralegals] with a dominant geek gene. Expertise in litigation and computer forensics also opens the door to lucrative opportunities in electronic data discovery consulting. Here are ‘The Eight E’s’ to becoming a skilled CF expert:

"1. Exploration: The lion’s share of CF knowledge is self-taught. The best examiners are insatiably curious and voraciously read about software, hardware, registry keys, root kits, etc. They live for figuring out how it all fits together. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information: in books (search Amazon.com for "computer forensics") and online (www.e-evidence.info) in discussion forums, product FAQs, user groups and confabs."

You’ll find lots more info in the rest of this article by Craig Ball, an Austin, Texas-based trial lawyer and certified computer forensic examiner.

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  1. You’re so right to include paralegals as prime candidates for broadening skills sets and furthering career objectives by looking at computer forensics. EDD-savvy paralegals are hot commodities. Folding in the forensics knowledge only boosts their cachet. Thanks for making the connection for your readers.

    Craig Ball

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