“The prenup dramas of lawyers in love”

Ah, how to keep true love on track given lawyers’ arguments over prenup agreements?

"When lawyers fall head over heels, love can be a many stipulated thing.


"Some divorce attorneys say lawyers are no worse than any other not-very-star-crossed lovers trying to protect their worldly assets. Others have examples that show they can indeed be worse.

"Top Houston family law expert Earle Lilly knows all too well how a legal mind can spoil affairs of the heart. While arguing about what he wanted in his own prenup, he managed to disenchant his fiancée and they called the whole thing off.

"As Lilly recalls, it was something about how he wanted none of his high-dollar salary to become community property.

"His next attempt at marriage went a little better. He said his wife-to-be objected vociferously, during a national TV appearance no less, to the prenup as ‘marriage by contract.’ They abandoned the prenup and the marriage lasted seven years.

"’Lawyers are more difficult to deal with. They want more than they should be asking for. Sometimes the requests in a prenup are plain unconscionable,’ Lilly said."