“Through the Glass Ceiling: Legal dynamics”

Interesting article about U.S. women who’ve moved to Israel & opened a new business:

"Minna Felig is a successful lawyer turned head-hunter. Kimberly Lindy is a successful organizational consultant turned head-hunter.

"Each is American born and educated. Each had a flourishing career in the US and did well for herself in Israel. Their individual success stories are admirable. As a team, they’re changing the face of the business of law in Israel.

"Their firm, Felig/Lindy Legal and its affiliated company Law/Jobs Int’l, specializes in management strategies and recruitment solutions required by law firms, patent firms and corporate legal departments. Working out of a streamlined office complex in Ramat Gan, they operate on three continents, but the bulk of their work is in Israel.


"They help effect mergers and they find partners, associates, legal clerks, lawyers licensed to practice in other countries, general counsel, staff counsel, temporary and outsourced lawyers and native speakers of many languages who know how to translate legal documents or act as interpreters for clients who speak neither Hebrew nor English. And that’s only the absolutely legal side of the story. They also take care of the administrative needs of legal firms, helping them find administrative directors, office managers, paralegals, bilingual legal secretaries, partner secretaries, English secretaries, Hebrew legal secretaries, English legal secretaries, English-Hebrew typists, receptionists, general translators and file clerks."

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  1. This is yet another example of what a global economy we’ve become. Felig and Lindy seem to have carved out a unique niche for themselves in the field of management and recruitment in the areas in which they operate.

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