Toronto Bill 14 to Regulate Paralegals

Here’s a letter from Margaret Louter in support of regulation to the Toronto Star:

"Marshall Yarmus suggests in his letter that the Paralegal Society of Ontario disagrees with Bill 14 because it will increase the cost of legal services to the public and small businesses and will increase lawyers’ monopoly on certain legal services. He suggests that every Ontarian should be opposed to it. I disagree.


"As the past vice-president [PDF link] of a prominent paralegal association, I have had many consumers of paralegal services confide in me regarding how they have suffered monetary harm due to incompetent and fraudulent practitioners.


"For 30 years, paralegals have not been able to self-regulate and develop standardized examinations. Bill 14 proposes the Law Society be the regulator of legal services and gives paralegals a prominent role in the governance of the Law Society [Law Society of Upper Canada]."