“Triple Grande Extra Frivolous Lawsuit”

So, what do you think? Frivolous case or does it have merit?

"Much like Johnny "Drama" [link in article], when Starbucks regular Kelly Coakley had her free drink coupon rejected, she took action.  On Friday, the 23-year-old Queens paralegal joined forces with lawyer Peter Sullivan in bringing a $144 million lawsuit against the Seattle coffee conglomerate, alleging ‘betrayal’ and ‘fraud.’  Starbucks circulated e-mail coupons for a free grande drink [PDF link] on August 23rd but pulled the promotion last week when the viral marketing spread beyond their control.  Sullivan, who is seeking class action status, became inspired to sue after seeing lines of ‘angry’ customers outside a New York City store clutching their useless coupons."

The reader comments following this brief statement are mixed. But isn’t it nice/smart that Caribou Coffee now says it will honor the Starbucks coupons?

One Reply to ““Triple Grande Extra Frivolous Lawsuit””

  1. I read this thinking it had to be frivilous, and I still think $144 million is high, but what in God’s name was Starbucks thinking? For a company that seems to perpetually ride a successful first-latte-of-the-day buzz, it’s hard to believe they couldn’t have predicted that an e-mail promo would get abused. Caribou is smart to take advantage of Starbucks misfortune, unless of course people start abusing that promo, which is very possible.

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