Virtual Paralegal Jobs: This One Pays Up to $100k

J0422339 I must be in the wrong business.  Today, I spotted an ad for a "Partial Telecommute Paralegal" who can work from home.  The paralegal must be experienced in litigation, contracts, tort and workers compensation.  The salary?  $35,000 – $100,000 per year for a full-time position.

Let me get this straight.  I can wake up in the morning, watch a little Good Morning America, put the coffee on, check my e-mail, browse the morning paper, walk Ruffy, and decide whether I want to take my laptop out on the deck in my jammies or stay in the family room while the kids play and be at work all at the same time.  Holy, moly.

No parking hassles, no high gasoline prices, travel time, 3 x 6 foot modular, felt-covered walls called an "office"… Screaming Mimi's looking over my shoulder, no punching a clock, no lunches with co-workers I don't particularly like, and most of all, no fire drills that force me to run down 22 flights of stairs in an effort to make my fire warden look good.  And no one cares if I'm wearing the latest fashion, have gained a few unslightly pounds, am over 50 or even 60, or have that don't-say-anything-but-she-has-an-unremovable-mole-on-the-end-of-her-nose. Yeah, I'll take that.

And, I can make $100,000 a year for my trouble.  Did I say I would take that? 

It seems that Legal Solutions Group, a company that provides e-billing, case and litigation management software is in need of a paralegal/legal assistant. They service the general insurance, third party claims, loss adjustment of the financial services industry and corporate legal departments.  The website states that the CEO of the company is located in New York; the V.P. is in the U.K., the other V.P. of Account Management is in Philadelphia and the account manager is somewhere in Australia.  Now, that's my kind of company.  Weekly meetings must be a gas.

For those of you who belong to the part of the workforce that first said the fax machine would never catch on, cell phones were just a fad and Facebook was for teens – take a look at what's happening around the globe.  Just as we interview paralegals around the world for KNOW, The Magazine for Paralegals in our efforts to bring the global community together, it is apparent that legal services vendors are now providing virtual services from cities around the world. The virtual world is rapidly approaching the paralegal field.  The question is, is the paralegal world ready to handle these kind of changes?

Anyone out there looking for a total work/lifestyle change?  It sure sounds appealing.

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