“Virtual Workers Cut Overhead at Law Firm”

How often have you dreamed about working remotely for your law firm?

"Like most firms, at Traverse Legal we constantly grapple with dilemmas about staffing. The uncertainty of workload always creates a serious quandary. Understaffing can fuel burnout, and can leave otherwise necessary billable work undone. It also can lead to client friction. How many times have your staffing problems caused partners to do associate level work, and/or associates to do legal research best handled by law clerks, and/or document summaries that could be handled by paralegals?


"Offering virtual jobs helps us find capable workers. Virtual workers are often highly qualified, self-motivated people who, for one reason or another, choose to work outside the walls and employment structure of the traditional law firm.


"Even when virtual employees are hired full-time, overhead is still lower than traditional employees. This means no office space, no secretary, no staplers, no computers, no phone bills. Virtual law clerks, paralegals and even associates are billed just like non-virtual. Their hourly rate is marked and billed to the client. Because overhead is low, these workers can be paid more and the client is billed less. Each virtual worker is a profit center for the firm, without the need for an ongoing commitment."

Author Enrico Schaefer is the founder of Traverse Legal, based in Traverse City, Mich.