Want to simplify your life?

Are you looking for a simpler life? This article describes people, including a paralegal, who have made changes:


"Interpretations of simplicity are as varied as the individuals who practice it. Most agree that it’s about buying less, taking care of the environment and building meaningful relationships.


"Two years ago, Linda Dalton, 62, left her Newport Beach condo and a paralegal job with a high-power law firm to move to Murrieta and be closer to her sons, both of them grown.

"She works for her oldest son, a mortgage broker, and no longer shops at Bloomingdale’s for clothes or drops $200 on makeup.

"What she got in exchange: part-time work, a larger condo for half the money she got from the sale of her old place, and regular visits with her children, infant granddaughter and 86-year-old father.

"’I own my life now,’ she said."

So, is your paralegal job high powered? Do you work long hours? Does simplifying sound appealing? Tell us what you think….