What happened on June 13, 1966?

Many important events, we’re sure, but one in particular came from the Supremes:

"Washington, June 13–The Supreme Court announced today sweeping limitations on the power of the police to question suspects in their custody. The justices split 5 to 4. In stinging dissents the minority denounced the decision as helping criminals go free to repeat their crimes.

"The majority opinion, by Chief Justice Earl Warren, broke new constitutional ground by declaring that the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination comes into play as soon as a person is within police custody.

"Consequently, under the rulings, the prosecution cannot use in a trial any admissions or confessions made by the suspect while in custody unless it first proves that the police complied with a detailed list of safeguards to protect the right against self-incrimination.

"The suspect, the Court said, must have been clearly warned that he may remain silent, that anything he says may he held against him and that he has a right to have a lawyer present during interrogation."