“14 Killer Interview Questions”

Whether you’re hiring — or hoping to be hired — knowing the key questions (suggested by CareerBuilder), has gotta help:

"Interviewing can be a tedious and stressful time. Which questions should you ask, which ones are appropriate? Are you going to pick the right person for the position? Below is a list of the top 14 interview questions hiring managers find most effective. These inquiries range from basic to complex and give descriptions of what the question accomplishes. Some of the questions are very straight forward and some are tricky ones that bring out the candidates personality and behavior without directly asking them.

"What circumstance brings you here today?
This is one of the best opening questions ever. This open ended question surprises many candidates. If they do not respond quickly, just sit quietly and wait for the response. Some candidates reveal problems with their current employer, potential insubordination, and both positive or negative character traits.


"What tools or habits do you use to keep organized?
Instead of asking are you an organized person, this makes the interviewee prove and describe their organizational skills. Most hiring managers expect that their employees have some type of system to stay organized. Whether it is using a planner, or electronic calendar, these tools confirm that the potential employee is reliable and responsible."

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  1. This article (with links) is very helpful and enlightning – there’s alot of seasoned paralegals who were recently layed off. Its been a while since we’ve had to interview, much less put a resume together! Thanks

    Art V.

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