“…a long way to go on legal offshoring”?

Well, this is an interesting article from the IndiaTimes:

"BANGALORE: Quite a lot is being said about the enormous opportunity in legal process outsourcing (LPO) for India. But research and analytics services company Evalueserve has, in a recent report, said that the opportunity is more hype than reality. It says only 1.2% of the legal and paralegal jobs would be offshored from the US to India by ‘15."


"Currently, Indian law does not allow foreign (ie, non-Indian) law firms to practice in India. Many US-based law firms are quite eager to open their own subsidiaries in India because of the similarity in legal systems. Once this happens, they will have an incentive to send work offshore (from their US offices) in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the Evalueserve report adds."

As we’ve mentioned here before, the outsourcing of legal services has the potential to affect the work of U.S. paralegals. Keep an eye open!