“A Mouse on a Mission in the Document Maze”

Just what I’ve wanted: a computer mouse that smartly finds what I want in a mountain of documents:

"The new mouse does all the work of a standard model, while also letting the user skim rapidly through lengthy documents to reach a desired spot in seconds. It does this with an unusual scroll wheel that can be flicked with a forefinger; the text on the computer screen immediately starts flying past, but stops on a dime when the wheel is tapped. The speed is adjustable to let users see exactly where they are in the document.

"The mouse, called the MX Revolution, is made by Logitech, a Swiss manufacturer of game mice and other computer-input devices. Within the mouse is a heavy, finely balanced wheel that spins through distances that would normally require many scrolling motions and many minutes."


"Erik Khoobyarian, a lawyer in Sacramento who reviewed the mouse for Logitech before its release in August, now always has the MX at hand. ‘It’s a small change, but it’s made me more efficient,’ he said of the mouse’s ability to scan quickly."