“Adobe Acrobat Updates Likely to Lure Lawyers”

Okay, these changes sound very helpful!

"Another chapter in the history of Adobe Acrobat opened Monday, and this one includes some juicy plot points that might tantalize the legal industry.


"Acrobat 8 now devotes a whole toolbar to redaction features allowing you to mark, apply and ‘Search & Redact.’ You can use different colors to delineate why you redacted certain portions (red for privilege, black for personal information, etc.). After you mark the sections for redaction and hit Apply, Acrobat doublechecks the document for metadata and hidden text related to your original redactions, such as the title and author of the document. Then the text behind your redactions is really gone. That means if you need to keep a copy of the original, you better do a ‘save as.’

"Next up is built-in Bates numbering. Lawyers who’ve been using Acrobat for a while have used all sorts of tools to apply Bates stamps to documents, such as the IntelliPDF BATES Stamp [link in article] and the add-on [link in article] from CaseSoft for CaseMap. Instead of partnering with a third party, Adobe decided to develop its Bates stamper in-house. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks nice. You can add a header and footer, as well as other pertinent information, and direct Acrobat where to place the stamp on the document."

Brett Burney is the legal practice support coordinator at Thompson Hine in Cleveland. His e-mail address is Brett.Burney@ThompsonHine.com [links in article].