2 Replies to “Best Law Firms for Working Mothers Part II”

  1. Bryan Cave is certainly a great place for mothers to work. Management and attorneys in general are very conciencious of balancing work and home life and are supportive of women, not only partners, but paralegals, legal secretaries and other staff. I count myself blessed to work at this firm.

  2. Just have a law question about workign moms. I work a full time job that is supposed to be mon to fri. When hired i was told that I will have to do overtime throughout the week, which is ok, and maybe one saturday a month. I was concerned about the one saturday due to no daycare, but my mother agreed that is it is only one saturday a month then she could watch the kids. Well, we have a new supervisor and it seems that EVERY saturday I am asked to come in. Others however are not being asked. If I am unable to come in and I am disciplined for it, can anything be done legally since it was initially understood that I would maybe work only the ONE saturday a month?

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