Best Law Firms for Working Mothers

Working mothers still struggle with promotion and partnership issues according to a new survey conducted by Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers.  While the survey was intended to show how many large law firms are "tolerant" of working mothers, the fact that a survey needed needed to be conducted in the first place seems to indicate that being a working mother is still and may always be, an issue for success in the workplace. 

The survey was given to major law firms throughout the country and seems to indicate that there are a number of large law firms that do not penalize women who are on a Working Mother track.  Apparently, the magazine and the temporary contract attorney agency does not recognize that large firms are only 10% of the law firm population.  The balance includes mid-size and small firms, government agencies and in-house legal departments.  Not everyone seeks to work at a large law firm and bill 2300 hours per year.

I’d be interested in knowing if these law firms are as "tolerant" with paralegals as there is no partnership in the offering and for many, no move up the corporate ladder.  Any feedback out there?