Casey Anthony: The Next Paralegal Wannabee?

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Casey.anthony8203151_448x252 Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter. Whether you believe the verdict, have doubts about her innocence or feel there was no other way for the jury to vote, the fact remains that Casey Anthony is a free woman albeit with criminal convictions for lesser crimes.

The rumor abounding about now is that Ms. Anthony has expressed a desire to enter the paralegal field. Education
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not withstanding, here is a situation of past experiences guiding career choice. There have been instances of convicted criminals becoming paralegals. Suppose this became a reality. Let's imagine if Ms. Anthony decides to enter the paralegal field:

1. Can she become a certified paralegal under Florida's current requirements?

2. If she moved to another state, what state allows paralegals with criminal backgrounds to get jobs?

3. Who would hire her?

4. Would her experience be of benefit to criminal lawyers with clients about to enter prison? Could she act as a consultant?

5. What about her ilibilities? Credibility? Stability? Ability? Mobility? Reasonability? Profitability?

6. How would you feel working with someone with such a high profile?

7. What do you really think?

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