Excellent Course You’ve Just Got to Take: EDiscovery for Techies

IStock_000007271896Small[1] There's not much out there in the way of specific eDiscovery training for those with expert litigation support, technology or IT skills.   That is, until OLP came up with a fantastic course: EDiscovery for Techies.

I am most impressed by the lead instructor, Bill Gallivan, of Digital War Room.  Bill and his colleagues have come with with a course that takes into consideration that techies know everything there is to know about technology but need to learn – in the manner that they learn – the relevant parts of eDiscovery that are particularly applicable to their position.

The course is 8 weeks and meets twice a week for two hours each course.  If your serious about getting ahead in your career, you need to consider this important time investment. It's all online and by using a webcam (I got mine at Best Buy for $24.95), you interact with the instructor and other students.  If you miss a class, you can take the recorded version.  Better hurry, though, because the course starts on July 19th.  Right now, OLP is offering a two-for-one tuition – two people for only 495.00.  It's a great deal.

The course is a "doozy" as my father used to say.  Here is part of the syllabus:

Week #                                Topic

1Introduction to Legal Terminology
2RULES:Civil Procedure and Discovery Process  + Federal Rules – Meet and Confer, Conflicts and Interests, Ethical considerations 
3INTERPRETATION OF THE RULES: 2009-2010 Case Law Review – Court Decisions Involving Electronic Discovery , SEDONA CONFERENCE; Sanctions, Duties to Preserve, Spoliation, Rule 37, Safe Harbor Provisions
4EDRM BEST PRACTICES – IDENTIFICATION, PRESERVATION COLLECTION =  Litigation Holds, Triggering Event, Litigation Response Plan, Discovery Response Team, Duties to Preserve, Rule 37, Safe Harbor
5EDRM TOOLS and TECHNOLOGIESfor IDENTIFICATION, PRESERVATION COLLECTION – Risk Mitigation and Legal Hold Triggers,  Identification, Data Mapping and Preservation; EDRM – Identification, Data Mapping and Preservation
8EDRM BEST PRACTICES– Review, Production, Presentation 
9EDRM TOOLS and TECHNOLOGIES– Review, Production, Presentation (Including trial technologies) 
10Matter Budgeting:  Managing expectations, forecasting hours, resources, tool cost and vendor costs — tracking budgets and out of scope.  Sample bdgeting exercise and homework,
11Practice Matters:  Software Contract Disputes  
12Final Exam Review -  Business Ethics, Qualifications, OLP Certifications and the future of our industry

In fact, even if you're not such a techie, the course outline looks absolutely fantastic.  Register now because the course starts on July 19th.  The more you know, the better you get…..