“Don’t Be a Victim of Keylogging”

Ouch! "Keylogging" is bad!

"It seems like every time you click your mouse these days, there’s another computer security threat to worry about. Many of you in larger law firms pay good folks to keep on top of the latest digital dangers. But for the rest of us, self-education is the only option we have to protect ourselves from the latest viruses and spyware.

"Most of us are wary of threats like those, but some people don’t do much to protect themselves because they’re intimidated by technical topics — they know how to click the Start button and launch Solitaire, but they don’t really want to know what ‘TCP/IP‘ or ‘POP3‘ means.

"The good news is that the threat I’ll discuss today is easier to grasp than how a virus works. And the bad news? ‘Keylogging‘ is at least as scary and dangerous."