“Gear Up for Great War Rooms”

Excellent how-to info from Legal Times:

"When most people use the term ‘war room,’ they might conjure up images of camouflaged men and the thud-thud-thud of helicopter blades. But in reality, a properly planned litigation war room can become a respite from the day-to-day grind of trial — a place where, in addition to everything else, you can brainstorm new ideas and strategies with your fellow trial attorneys.

"A properly planned war room can be a sanctuary, where you can run and make extra copies, grab a backup CD because yours does not work or fax an important document to your expert witness. Although trial is analogous to war, your war room doesn’t have to be warlike.

"Even if your trial is in the same town where you regularly do business, you may want to have a war room that is close to the courthouse, such as in a conference room in a nearby hotel. It will serve as your central gathering place where you assemble your trial team to get the brunt of your trial work done.

"And even if your firm has a war room set up where you work, I suggest that you set up war rooms close to the courthouse for major cases, cases with lots of witnesses or cases with high stakes. It allows you to focus completely on the matter at hand without the other distractions of the office."

Article written by Stacy Jackson, corporate counsel at IE Discovery, provider of discovery management solutions.