How to provide constructive performance feedback

The job works well for everyone when you know how to give constructive feedback:

"When you need to provide team members with feedback, it’s usually a breeze when their performance is up to snuff. However, if an employee requires constructive feedback, it can be a delicate situation. Check out Tom Mochal‘s tips on how to approach these one-on-one meetings.


"The purpose of performance feedback is to let team members know how they are doing and whether they are meeting your performance expectations. Performance feedback doesn’t just mean telling people when they do something wrong. You want to make sure that you recognize when team members meet their commitments or do something great, as well as when they are not meeting your expectations.


"…when team members don’t meet your expectations you should also provide performance feedback. It would usually not be appropriate to do this in front of others, or copy others into the feedback. Constructive performance feedback is typically better handled though a one-on-one meeting."