“Surviving the Holiday Office Party”

Office parties can be fun, but watch yourself, it’s still work!

"Yes, it’s that time of year again; ’tis the season for the holiday office party. Holiday parties are typically held to thank employees for all their hard work and to try to motivate them to continue their efforts. Parties are also viewed as great opportunities for coworkers to mingle without pressure and develop camaraderie. If you dislike your company and the people you work with so much that you don’t want to spend a few social hours with them, you are probably at the wrong job!

"You can take advantage of the office party as an opportunity to have some fun and advance your career—or inadvertently crush any chance you had of making partner. Believe it or not, your firm’s holiday party is one of the most important social events you will attend. That’s because it is a rare occasion on which the people you work with will be able to see you as an actual person. And while you might not be one of them, there are people who look forward to hobnobbing with their coworkers on a social level.

"The holiday office party is a great time to cut loose—just not too loose. Following certain fundamental rules of etiquette can make you a welcome guest at any office gathering."