“I was fired because I was the fall guy. What do I say in interviews?”

Very intriguing job interviewing question posed to Salon’s Cary Tennis:

"I was recently fired from my job. Not to go too into depth, but I was blamed for the failure of a succession of projects.

"In my opinion, the causes for these failures lay in the planning stages, which I was largely excluded from. When I was present at planning meetings, I was the most junior person present, and my suggestions were mostly ignored, including ones that would have mitigated later problems. In any case, I would be sent out to do things I often wasn’t trained for, in places that no one had checked the conditions.


"I have had several weeks to consider the problem, and I still cannot forget the anger and humiliation I feel over losing my job. And this all comes back when I have to explain it to yet another person. What can I do?"

Cary’s thoughful reply is definitely worth reading in full. As is the longer question asked by "Fired."

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