Invention Created by Paralegal

Gotta like creative people who have inventive skills:

"’The Spinder™ is a patent pending tool that is elegant, simple, needed and an amazing time saving device that every office will embrace,’ said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing. ‘When we first reviewed the Spinder™ submission, we were shocked that there was nothing available to perform the difficult tactile task the Spinder™ accomplishes. It’s simplicity and performance efficiency is amazing".

"Albert V. Guzman, creator of Spinder™ said, ‘My work as a paralegal in a large, international law firm resulted in my recognition of the need for a tool to aid in collating and assembling files and documents with ease. There was simply nothing, other than clerical hands, to accomplish the task and expedite the process. I designed the Spinder™, and my associates at work encouraged me to commercialize the prototype."